Deep Diving into My Year Abroad and the Asian American Experience with Chang-Rae Lee

Source: Council of Korean Americans Youtube

“Our second episode of season 3 of the Korean American Perspectives Podcast features Chang-Rae Lee, a celebrated Korean American novelist. To speak with him, we have guest host, Stephanie Han, Ph.D. who is an award-winning author, educator, and speaker.

In this episode, Chang-Rae Lee and Dr. Stephanie Han take a deep dive into his latest novel, My Year Abroad. They explore the novel’s themes, its colorful characters, and adventures, as well as how food plays a role in Chang-Rae’s writing. They also connect the novel with the Asian American experience and discuss how identity formation is very particular to each person as well as the myriad of complexities and questions it presents.

Chang-Rae Lee reminds us that it’s important to take risks, journey throughout the world, and ask questions, especially when discovering oneself. “